Kabul to host ‘4th National Urban Conference’ today


KABUL: The 4th National Urban Conference, aiming to establish coordination among academic and executive bodies, using experiences of the experts, mangers and urban planners to improve the country’s urban situation and get out of the current misery in major cities as well as to draw the attentions of those responsible for urban services, to be held today in Kabul.

Inspecting the venue for the 4th National Urban Conference in Polytechnic University here the other day, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi called today’s conference ‘the largest urban conference’ in Afghanistan.

While monitoring the preparations on the ground, Minister of Urban Development and Housing held meeting with heads of the urban sector, including that of the Polytechnic University officials to make sure works were going well.

“Minister of Urban Development and Housing leads entire urban sector,” the minister added, insisting on robust coordination between urban sectors during the conference.

The 4th National Urban Conference to discuss advance water management approaches, and solutions for the challenges in urban water resources, environment, sustainable development, climate change, seismic vulnerability, soil and geo-technics, urban infrastructure, traffic, transportation, urban economy, job creation, urban services management, natural disasters, forecasting, preventive measures, disaster management, laws and policies.

Since 2001 and inauguration of the new government in Afghanistan, urbanization has expanded a lot, where people from remote areas rushed into major cities, in particular the capital Kabul, aiming to work and study.

During the last sixteen years, lack of professionals and sufficient studies on urban issues, its social, economic, and cultural aspect has remained the main challenges, but holding of such national urban conference would draw the attentions of responsible authorities to take actions for controlling the situation and bring required cooperation among the urban sector.



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