Media women facing major challenges, CPAWJ

Image Courtesy: CPAWJ Facebook page

During a conference at Government Media Center here in Kabul, the Center for Protection of Afghan Women Journalists (CPAWJ) said their findings show around 1,700 women currently working in different media outlets in Afghanistan.

Farida Nikzad, head of the center said that the survey which was conducted in collaboration of Reporters without Borders (RSF) in 34 provinces of Afghanistan and took four months to complete.

The survey show that women who work in media faced with many challenges, particularly with security, social and cultural restraints, she said.

Intensifying security problems in different parts of the country forced many women to leave their jobs in media, Nikzad said, adding six women who were working in media have been killed during the last two years.

“Violence against female journalists is high compared to men journalists, female journalists are subject to harassment on streets, in interviews and even in their workplace while there is no any law present to deal with this problem,” she said.

Nikzad said female workers from 325 media outlets including 80 television channels, 159 radio stations, four news agencies, 79 printing publications, 19 newspapers, two cable networks and four institutions supporting female journalists were interviewed in the survey.

She added 1,696 women worked in the mentioned media outlets and 763 of them were professional journalists and most of them worked in Kabul, Balkh and Herat provinces.

Milli Radio Television with 140 female employees, Moby Group (Tolo and Lemar TV channels) with 95 female employees, Ariana Network with 55, Banu Radio and Television with 52, Khurshid TV channel with 28, Zan Radio and Television with 24, Killid Group with 20 and Shamshad Radio and Television with 20 female employees are media outlets with highest number of female staff members, Nikzad added.

Sabir Momand, spokesman to the Ministry of Information and Culture, welcomed the findings of the survey and said strong presence of women in the media was encouraging.

However, he said that many challenges and problems still existed for female media workers and there was a need for creating more facilities for women in the media.



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