List of Taliban killed in Kunduz airstrike allegedly leaked by ARG

The Graduation Ceremony Of Ulama And Hufaz-ul-Quran In Dasht Archi District, Kunduz Province.

The Afghan Air Force targeted a madrassa graduation in Kunduz Province’s Dashte-Archi. Initial reports claim that more than 70 people were killed and scores of people were injured. The local hospitals in the Northern province are in urgent need of blood.

Late Monday night, a Taliban kill list surfaced on Twitter. High ranking Taliban representatives are amongst those killed in the successful air strike. Atta Nasib, a former senior program assistant at the United States Peace Institute’s Rule of Law-Afghanistan Program, shared the leaked list on Twitter.  

This is the initial list of Taliban representatives allegedly killed in the Kunduz air strike that was carried out by the Afghan Air Force:

  1. Maulavi Baryal, Quetta Shura
  2. Maulavi Shahid, Dashte-Archi Commander
  3. Maulavi Zahir, Dashte-Archi Commander
  4. Maulavi Hameedullah, Dashte-Archi Commander
  5. Maulavi Imad, Dashte-Archi Commander
  6. Maulavi Saifullah, Dashte-Archi Commander
  7. Maulavi Mumtaz, Red Unit Commander
  8. Abdul Malik Mukhlis, Local Commander from Baghlan  

“The same list I leaked will be released tomorrow by ARG or MOD” said Nasib to The Afghan Herald. When questioned how he obtained the initial list, Nasib said he had sources in Arg but would not disclose any further information to The Afghan Herald.

Nasib has worked in the private sector since 2014 and says he does not have any official role in the government.

Many Afghans are expressing their concern over the government’s helicopter bombing on social media as pictures of civilian casualties, including children, have started to surface.

This is developing news, please return for updates.  



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