War on terror important for Afghanistan, future of humanity: Nicholson


War against terrorism is the most important fight in the world and losing this war is unacceptable, says John Nicholson, Commander of US, NATO forces in Afghanistan on Saturday.

Nicholson made the remarks at a ceremony in Kabul where he praised foreign soldiers wounded in action. He said losing the fight against terror would be unacceptable and unimaginable. 

According to Nicholson, the fight against terror was important for Afghanistan and for the future of humanity. 

“This fight against terror is the most important fight in the world. The costs of failure are unimaginable. We must win, we must be successful. Not only for the future of this country, but indeed for all of humanity’s sake,” Nicholson said. 

Nicholson also touched on the Afghan government’s peace offer to the Taliban and said he welcomes the offer. 

“Just earlier this year, we achieved a significant milestone that both sides have put peace offers on the table. The Afghan government and the Taliban. We have never achieved this point in the war before,” he added. 

Saturday’s ceremony was held in honor of foreign soldiers who have been wounded in the Afghan war. 



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