Pak Army handover military checkpoints to local police

The handover of security checkpoints from Army to local police indicates that the Army is undertaking the demands of PTM seriously.


In a rare move, the Pakistan Army has handed over all security checkpoints in lower Dir to local police. The handover comes after Pashtun Tahaffuz [Protection] Movement (PTM) threatened to hold protests countrywide if the Pakistan army didn’t listen to their demands. PTM held a massive protest on 8th April in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Today in a program that was held in Lower Dir, Pakistan army announced military checkpoints will be handed over to local police.

Earlier, PTM leadership has demanded Pakistan army put an end to the maltreatment of Pashtun across the Pashtun belt, particularly at the military checkpoints. Pashtuns across Durand line are exposed to harsh treatment at military checkpoints including going through an extreme vetting process and long waiting hours. The military has stated that the security checkpoints are established sheer to keep an eye on the extremists and prevent any security incident, however, locals have always lodged complaints.

After a massive power show by PTM, the military has been undertaking some important changes in response to PTM demands.




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