6 killed, and 1 Pak soldier detained in cross firing by Afghan forces

Photo courtesy: Azadi Radio

At least six Pakistani soldiers killed and one detained in clashes with Afghan security forces. The clashes erupted in Zazi Maidan district of Khost province that is located in the vicinity of Durand Line. At least 1 Afghan border police and 1 civilian also got killed while three local tribals injured in the incident that took place early Sunday morning.

According to local and Afghan officials, the clashes happened after the Pakistani security forces tried to capture an Afghan border police check post in the Zazi Maidan district of Khost Province. The local tribes also joined the Afghan security forces to fight the aggression of Pakistani forces. The skirmish is said to have lasted for at least four hours.

This is not the first time that both the Afghan and Pakistani security forces are involved in the skirmishes close to Durand Line. Pakistani security forces have many times violated the mutual agreements on Durand Line and continue firing artillery toward Afghan territory particularly into Kunar, Eastern Afghanistan.






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