Afghanistan to Open Air Corridors with Turkey and Saudi Arabia Next Week

The Afghan government under its 'National Exports Strategy' is aiming to boost the exports of the landlocked country.

Airport workers load the first cargo plane after the Afghanistan-India air corridor inauguration ceremony at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, June 19, 2017.

Kabul—To boost trade with regional countries the Afghan government is all set to inaugurate new air corridors with Saudi Arabia and Turkey. According to the Afghan government officials, the Afghan government is trying to boost its country’s export.

“The first flight as a part of the air corridor between Afghanistan and Turkey to take off next week,” said Samir Rasa, spokesperson for the advisor of the President.

He furthered that around 15 tons of goods including fresh and dried fruits, carpets and honey will be transported to Turkey via the initial flight of the air corridor.

Similarly, the air corridor between Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia will also kick off next week. The first flight of the air corridor from the Afghan capital will carry five tons of various trade commodities including Saffron to Saudi Arabia.

According to Rasa, the Afghan government is also working on improving its granite and marble export to both regional and distant countries. He added, that the Afghan government under its national exports strategy is aiming to boost the exports of marbles to China.

As a landlocked country, Afghanistan is trying to establish trading relations with far-reaching countries through the air corridor. Last year, Afghan government established air corridor trade rout with India which was a success for the local traders to reach their goods to the Indian market after they were denied trading with India through Pakistan.  Recently, the Afghan government has also established an air corridor with Uzbekistan to boost its export.



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