Suicide bombers storm government building in Nangarhar, killing 9 wounding over 30


JALALABAD, Afghanistan — According to reports, the suicide bombers have launched a complex coordinated attack at the tax and revenue office of the eastern Nangarhar Province.

The attack started on May 13 noon time when one of the suicide bombers blew himself up at the main entrance of the building and the second detonated himself inside the building. Around four of the attackers who are heavily armed then stormed into the building.

According to the provincial governor spokesman Attaullah Khogyani, the battle with remaining suicide attackers lasted for a few hours. 

He added that the attackers killed at least fifteen civilians and injuring around 40 others. Given the nature and complexity of the attacks, there’s a possibility of rising in the numbers of casualties.

The security forces have cordoned off the area and are still battling the remaining attackers that are inside the building.

Daesh has claimed the immediate responsibility of the attack.



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