President Ghani calls upon Taliban to shun violence in Ramadan


Kabul– In a short video message regarding the holy month of Ramadan President Ashraf Ghani requested the Taliban to stop fighting during Ramadan.

He urged insurgent groups to shun violence during the month of Ramadan and let the people celebrate the holy month in peace.

Chief executive Abdullah Abdullah also posted a message on his official Twitter account urging Taliban to give up violence. ” I call upon Taliban to give upon violence & join peace talks with the Afghan people” he added.

NUG plea for peace comes at a time when the Taliban have been mounting pressure on the government after their announcement of spring offensive Al-Khandaq.

In their recent attempts, the Taliban have launched attacks on the provincial capital of Farah province and were pushed back by the Afghan security forces.

According to the Afghan officials that during the clean-up operation the government forces inflicted heavy casualties on the Taliban by killing 300 Taliban fighters.



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