Taliban opened fire on PTM rally killing three injuring more than 25


Waziristan– Armed Taliban opened fire on the Pushtoon Tahaffuz Movement [PTM] peaceful rally in Wana Waziristan causing casualties. According to unconfirmed reports, at least three of PTM supporters have been killed and more than 25 injured. The injured ones are shifted to the nearby hospitals.

PTM supporters are treated at a nearby hospital in Wana Waziristan.

The rally was led by PTM leader Ali Wazir at Wana Bazar when the Taliban opened sporadic killing. According to local journalists, the firing lasted for almost half hour, however, PTM leader Ali Wazir survived.

After the incident, PTM leader Manzoor Pastheen told his supporters on his Facebook live video “We know who are the “good Taliban”. No matter how many people you send with guns to kill us, you cannot stop us from our demands and we will continue our struggle through non-violent means”, Said Manzoor Pashteen.


Manzeer Pashteen called upon its supporters to hold rallies in all major cities of Pakistan including in front of the U.N. and Human Rights offices. 

After the incident, the locals took to the Wana Bazar by burning local Taliban offices. Local authorities declared the curfew, however, people are marching toward the main Wana Bazar to join the PTM protest. Many of PTM supporters are terming this as a military-militant (good Taliban) nexus that is active to malign PTM and sabotage the movement.

The firing on the PTM rally has brought a wide range of condemnation from people of all walks of life using a hashtag #StopUsingTalibanAgainstPTM. In the meantime, PTM supporters are holding country wide protests against Pakistani security forces for failing to protect PTM rally against Taliban.

PTM has been protesting throughout Pakistan demanding an end to the extrajudicial killings, racial profiling of Pashtoons, an end to the maltreatment of Pashtoons on check posts and the release of missing persons.



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