Daesh warning letter closes several girls’ schools in Nangarhar

Afghan schoolgirls study in an open air school in Jalalabad (CNN)

Nangrahar– In a warning letter, Daesh warned to target girls school in Nangarhar province if they are not closed immediately.

The Islamic State of Khorasan Province also known as Daesh issued this warning in a letter demanding Nangarhar residents to not send girls to school.

Daesh warning letter forced several schools to be closed.

The warning comes at a time when the Afghan and foreign troops have accelerated their air bombing campaign against the terror group.

According to the provincial education director Hasibullah Shinwary that many schools in the province have been closed after the warning.

Daesh warning came after the Afghan and foreign troops bombed their hideouts in the eastern parts of the country inflicting heavy casualties on them. The letter states that ISPK (Daesh) will take revenge from the infidels and their stooges.

The terror group has recently carried out several sophisticated attacks across Afghanistan particularly targeting the capital that resulted in the killings of hundreds of people. 



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