IEC database operationalised


Independent Elections Commission (IEC) says that it is recording all registered voters’ data in a database. The IEC’s IT head states that 50,000 voters’ details have been recorded so far.

According to the recent statistic released by the IEC, almost 5.1 million people have registered themselves for voting across the country.

Among the registered women constitute around 1.6 million, Kuchi 97,000 while over 500 voters of Sikh a minority group signed up for voting.  

According to Ibrahim Sadat head of IEC IT department that they are yet to enter updated information about voter registration of 22 provinces that is sent by the IEC local employees.

“With the completion of voter registration data, we will be able to get the exact number of voters’ registrations across Afghanistan and assess how many of them are eligible,” added, Sadat.

IEC came under strong criticism recently from various political figures that it doesn’t have a robust computer system to record the information of the voter registration.

Afghanistan parliamentary and districts councils’ elections are scheduled to take place in October.

The IEC has allotted 2,801 seats for parliament and district councils.



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