Afghan Government and Taliban agree to cease-fire


Kabul— Following President Ashraf Ghani’s unilateral call for a cease-fire with the Taliban has responded in a similar fashion announcing a three-day cease-fire over the Eid Holidays across Afghanistan.

The Taliban stated in a statement that their cease-fire excludes “foreign troops”. It also stated the Taliban hold the right to defend themselves in case they are attacked.

The Taliban further indicated in their press release that they will release prisoners who ensure the Taliban regional leadership of not joining the Afghan Army ranks again.

Earlier, the Afghan President has called on Taliban to observe a cease-fire from 27th of Ramadan until the Fifth day of Eid.

“The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announces ceasefire from the 27th of Ramadan until the fifth day of Eid-ul-Fitr following the historic ruling [Fatwa] of the Afghan Ulema.”

However, the Afghan government cease-fire excludes Daesh and other terrorist groups.

The cease-fire of the Taliban and government has been welcomed by people from all walks of life and celebrated on social media.



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