Uzbekistan is ready to host peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban

Member of Taliban and ANA greet each other during a three day ceasefire during Eid holidays.

Tashkent–The Uzbek government has extended an invitation to both Afghan government and the Taliban to hold direct peace talks in neighboring Uzbekistan.

The proposal of the Uzbek government comes after both the Afghan government and Taliban held a successful three days ceasefire during Eid holidays. The Afghan government later unilaterally extended the ceasefire with the Taliban however, the Taliban have declared in a statement that they do not intend to extend the truce.

According to Reuters, “Uzbekistan hopes that this ceasefire is extended indefinitely by both parties” said an official of Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry. Reuters further reported that the “The Foreign Ministry confirms its full readiness to create, at any stage of the peace process, all the necessary conditions for setting up direct talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban movement on Uzbekistan’s territory”.

The neighboring country has stepped up its efforts to engage with Afghanistan on multiple fronts including trade, economic assistance and hosted an international Afghan peace conference earlier in March of this year.



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