People demand government to expand crackdown on illegal armed men

File Photo: Nizamuddin Qaisari

KABUL— President Ashraf Ghani’s decision to crackdown on illegal armed men and militia groups have garnered a countrywide support from the public.

The Afghan special forces launched consecutive raids in Faryab, Uruzgan, Badakhshan, Farah and Badghis provinces and detained various notorious warlords and regional power brokers that threatened people security and challenged the writ of the state.

After the launch of a countrywide crackdown on illegal armed men, the people of other provinces have been demanding the government to expand these operations to their respective provinces.

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Although there have been protests against the detention of Nizamuddin Qaisari in Faryab however, many residents of Faryab applauds government decision to arrest Qaisari. Fatihullah Qaisari member of Parliament from the Qiasar district of Faryab province applauds government decision to arrest Nizamuddin Qaisari and states that it [the government] should have taken such bold steps earlier to do justice with the victims of Qaisari brutality.

On social media, many came out to support government decision to arrest warlords and regional power brokers. The social media activists appreciated the government efforts to curb illegal armed men and at the same time demanded the government to expand the circle of such operation to other provinces as well.

In the last few days, the Afghan special forces have conducted several operations across the country detaining various warlords including Nizamuddin Qaisari from Faryab, Nadir Koofi brother of influential woman parliamentarian Fauzia Koofi from Badakhshan, and Rahimullah Khan brother of former police chief Matiullah Khan from Uruzgan.



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