Helmandies to Ghani: Put warlords, corrupt officials, and criminals behind the bar


Lashkar Gah:  Hundreds of Helmand residents protested against the formation of recent Grand National Coalition (GNC) by Former warlords, Government officials & other individuals. The protested and chanted anti warlords slogans and hailed President Ashraf Ghani efforts of restoring rule of law.

The protestors denounced GNC and demanded the government to put these “killers, corrupt officials & land grabbers” on trial. One of the protestors told Afghan Herald that these people are actually responsible for the current miseries our people face.

“What we see such as insecurity, corruption, lawlessness across the country is because of these people. Instead of giving them share in the government these people shall be behind the bars”, Sayed added.

Read: http://afghanherald.com/blog/2018/07/08/people-demand-government-to-expand-crackdown-on-illegal-armed-men/

This comes after when President Ashraf Ghani’s ordered security forces to purge illegal armed men and militia groups that have threatened rule of law and exacerbated security.

Though the move garnered a countrywide support from the public, however, it sparked protests in Faryab, Jauzjan, and other adjacent provinces after the security forces detained Nizamuddin Qaisair a powerful warlord and human rights abuser who is associated with first vice president General Dostum.


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