Kandahar Vote Underway After General Raziq’s Assassination

Source: Social Media

Over half a million Kandaharis are registered to vote today, one week after parliamentary elections took place across Afghanistan. The election in Kandahar was postponed when 39-year-old General Abdul Raziq was assassinated by the Taliban.

The attack occurred when General Raziq was saying goodbye to U.S .forces after a meeting in the governor’s compound. The targeted terrorist attack also killed Kandahar’s intelligence chief General Abdul Mohmin, Governor Zalmai Wesa, and veteran journalist Mohammad Salim Angar.

U.S. General Scott Miller escaped unharmed but one U.S. general and two other Americans were wounded, it was later reported the U.S. Central Command.

The last footage of General Raqiz is of him asking people to vote for the parliamentary elections.

There are 112 candidates, out of which 13 are women, who are competing for 11 seats in the Wolsie Jirga. Voting hours have been extended from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. All 176 polling centers with 1,113 polling stations were expected to open 7 a.m., however delayed opening are being reported.

Last Saturday, Afghans voted in record numbers in 32 provinces despite terrorist attacks on polling centers, delayed opening of polling centers, and technical difficulties caused by the biometric voting verification systems.

More than 13,000 complaints were received by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.

Elections were not held in central Ghazni province, which was taken over by the Taliban in August. It is not clear when Ghazni will have its elections.

Given the threats by the Taliban, full security measurements are in place across Kandahar. Afghan Special Forces (CRU 444) have been deployed. This past week security was already heightened due to top government officials visiting Kandahar, including President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah coming to give Raziq’s family condolences.


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