Technology, Talent, and Ecosystem


The pace of technology disruption has reached a crescendo in 2018. Society, in general, and industry and government, in particular, are spiritedly embracing digital technologies.  Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and 3D Printing are increasingly becoming mainstream, cutting across industries.

For instance, blockchain was originally thought to be an application in financial services and retail. It has now found its way into agriculture, healthcare, governance, logistics, etc. These technologies are providing numerous new opportunities for large enterprises as much as they are aiding the start-ups in developing new products and service-lines, improving efficiency, productivity, and competence levels, giving thrust to the economic growth of the country while simultaneously bringing about social equality.  

 While opening up an abundance of new opportunities, these technology disruptions are presenting a formidable challenge to the $167-billion (2017-18 revenue) strong Indian IT industry which is employing about four million professionals. Today, upskilling and reskilling of over 50 per cent of the industry workforce has become an indispensable obligation for the IT-ITES industry. Also, students and fresh graduates need to be skilled in these new technologies. As a major step to mitigate this challenge, in February this year, NASSCOM launched “Future Skills,” an AI-enabled learning platform to get India accelerated on the journey to building skills. The platform enables the discovery, continuous learning, and deep skilling in the emerging technologies with the ability to customize individual learning path for each professional based on their ambitions and their capabilities to learn.  


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