Indian crime show shot in Kyrgyzstan


An episode of the “Crime Alert” show has been shot in

“My episodes run on this crime show titled ‘Crime Alert’, which airs on Dangal TV. I have produced around 20 episodes for them as of now and all are of different genres. I wanted to walk that extra mile and wanted to take an episode abroad for shoot in a limited budget which usually no episodic show would ever dare to,” Dharam Gupta said in a statement.

“Finally one of the scripts demanded a foreign land shot and we managed to pull it off. With this episode, my show becomes the first ever crime episodic show to be shot in a foreign land,” he added.

The episode will air later this month.

The story is of a woman who falls for a man and marries him. They go to for their honeymoon where she discovers that he is into illegal activities and the flesh trade.

The episode is produced by Water Drop Entertainment. It features actors and Gupta’s episodes are hosted by


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