Justin Trudeau doppelganger spotted on popular Afghan singing TV show


A doppelganger of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been spotted on a popular Afghan TV talent show and the uncanny resemblance has gained the singing contestant some internet fame.

Abdul Salam Maftoon is a musician and a contestant on Afghan Star, a show that boasts itself as the No. 1 “musical talent program in Afghanistan.” The show appears to be similar to popular U.S. show The Voice, where contestants vie for a singing title.

Salam Maftoon has survived several elimination rounds in the show’s 14th season, but the man may soon be better-known for his resemblance to the Canadian prime minister after being dubbed “Salam Trudeau” and “Afghan Trudeau,” according to Afghanistan’s Khaama Press.

According to the news agency, Salam Maftoon is a traditional singer and a music student from Badakhshan province. He also features a thick head of hair and full eyebrows, apparently very similar to Trudeau’s looks.


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