Sources: US and Afghan Taliban find some common ground as the talks enter 4th day


DOHA: Talks between Taliban & Zalmay Khalilzad entered 4th day. Sources privy to the talks tell Afghan Herald that both sides have reached consensus over various subjects including the gradual withdrawal of US troops, ceasefire, prisoner release. Khalilzad has told the Taliban that changes in the constitution, ceasefire and release of Taliban prisoners are the mandate of the Afghan Government. 

Sources at the Afghan government tell Afghan Herald, that Khalilzad keep the Afghan government updated on all the discussions. 

Sources say, both sides agreed that post soviet withdrawal scenario should not be repeated. The Taliban also stressed that the US shall not abandon Afghanistan like they did in 1990. Fourth day discussion will revolve around the timing of the withdrawal of the troops as the US insists 18 months while Taliban insist 6 months. If both sides reached agreement it will be a big breakthrough in 18 years old conflict.


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