U.S.-Taliban “Achieved Progress’ in Doha Without Peace Deal


KABULThe Taliban and the United States have reached an agreement over two points after 16 days of marathon negotiations in Doha, Qatar. Taliban agreed to cut ties with all terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda and will take actions against them. Both parties also discussed the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan but no detail has been provided on the issue.

US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad posted on Twitter that “Peace requires agreement on four issues: counter-terrorism assurances, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan dialogue, and a comprehensive ceasefire. In January talks, we ‘agreed in principle’ on these four elements. We’re now ‘agreed in draft’ on the first two.”

He cautiously claimed that the conditions for peace have improved and all “sides want to end the war.” 

On the other hand, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stated that these talks revolved around two issues that were agreed upon during January talks. “Those two issues were the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan and preventing anyone from harming others from Afghan soil” he added.

Mujahid also mentioned that progress has been made over these both points.

“For now, both sides will deliberate over the achieved progress, share it with their respective leaderships and prepare for the upcoming meeting, the date of which shall be set by both negotiation teams”, he added. 

The fifth round of peace talks ended today in Doha, Qatar. Both parties are said to resume talks soon. The date of the next round of negotiations have not been agreed upon.


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