Defense Minister Khalid: Civilian Casualties are Unacceptable

Defense Minister Assadulah Khalid

KABUL : The Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday it had received “mixed reports” that nine civilians were killed in Ghazni province airstrike. Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid said there would be an immediate and full investigation of the incident.

He stated that, “civilian casualties are unacceptable.” He emphasized that all Afghan National Army leaders and personnel while conducted air and ground operations must take all measures to prevent civilian casualties.

Reuters had reported that an air strike on a vehicle killed seven Taliban on Tuesday, including a commander, said Mohammad Arif Noori, spokesman for Ghazni’s provincial governor. According to the news wire, the strike happened close to a mosque and may have left civilian casualties.

Dr. Zaher Shah Nekmal, health director for Ghazni province, said he had received a report of 16 dead but had not yet received the bodies.


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