Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Taliban rain woman, and her lover with bullets in Ghor

Photo: Heavily armed Pakistan supported Taliban execute a helpless woman in Faryab

The Taliban have killed a woman and her lover accused of loving each other. According to the local police, one girl and her lover were killed when they fled their home town Shahrak for Masjid-e-Negar to save their lives in Ghor province.

The lovers were publicly killed by Taliban in an area under their influence, the police added. Both Shahrak which is 135 km away from the provincial capital, and Masjid-e-Negar districts are under the control of Taliban.

The head of local police Sayed Zia Hussaini furthered that the couple aged 18 to 20 were detained by local Taliban commander Muvlawi Gul Mohammad. He also stated the parents of the girl, Jan bibi requested the Taliban to capture their daughter and her lover whom were later killed by the Taliban.

The Taliban often kill women who escape traditional marriages or practices as they deem it against Islamic values.

Ghor which is located in the central part of Afghanistan is among the volatile provinces in Afghanistan which has witnessed major battles between the Taliban and the Afghan government.



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