NSA Mohib calls on regional countries to form coalition for Afghan peace


KABUL: Addressing a security meeting in Ufa city of Russia, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib said counterterrorism in the region needs to remain a top priority.

“In Afghanistan alone, at least 50 people pay the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terrorism on a daily basis, which makes Afghanistan as the country at the frontlines in the fight against terrorism, NSA Mohib told the meeting, adding terrorists and drug traffickers are two sides of the same coin.

According to Mohib, narcotics was known as the main source of revenue for terrorism that generate billions of dollars every year. “There is a chain — from production to trafficking to processing and consumption — that include not just Afghans but many other countries in the region and beyond,” he said, stressing joint and coordinated actions as the only way to fight the evil phenomenon.

He went on saying that countering financial crimes was key to ensuring national security of our states, adding fighting against money laundering, illegal money transactions through unregistered hawala systems, fundraising for terrorism through unmonitored charities in the region were a must.

“An important point of attention is border cooperation. Thousands cross borders in our region illegally to join terrorist groups, receive training, and target our citizens. Joint cooperation to manage our borders in the region, share information in real time, and equip border forces with the required technology is crucial to fight hybrid threats,” he emphasized.

Concluding his remarks, Afghan NSA said cybercrimes were another means of hybrid warfare that threaten the region. “Afghanistan stands ready to enter into bilateral and regional partnerships to limit and eliminate the use of the cyber space by destructive elements that create terror in our societies and prevent us from development.”

This comes at the time that the government of Afghanistan has been trying to develop a regional consensus on peace talks with the Taliban.


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