Economic development only option for regional stability: China


China has shown interest to work for the economic rehabilitation of Shanghai Organization Cooperation members states, an idea embodied in the of Silk Road revival.

SCO has 12 member which are China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan while Afghanistan, Magnolia, Belarus and Iran are observers.

The SCO has youth camp, its creation was suggested by the Chinese president in 2015.

Six-day huddle of the SCO youth camp was held in Chinese City of Shanghai in which economic cooperation between SCO member states, development of Silk road and its implementation and its expansion of member states relations was discussed.

Chinese Youth Centre Deputy head Hong Guimei told the SCO member state youth camp said the purpose of this huddle was to encourage the youth of SCO member states to take practical measures for the expansion of economic cooperation, Belt and Road project, investment, trade and business development.

Afghan delegation member Abdul Rahman Ahmadzai suggested that the SCO should train experts and for this purpose there was need for the creation of SCO Universities.

He added the construction of railroad was vital for the greater economic connectivity of SCO members states and there was need for mutual cooperation.

Leo Wenqi head of the SCO International Relation studies said the Chinese president and government treated all partners equally and China considered economic development the best option for region stability therefore amount $150 Billion was being invested by Chin in the uplift projects in regional countries.

He added economic cooperation of China, Russian and India was vital for regional economic growth.

He said China wanted to develop links with regional countries, Europe and African nations thought closed cultural and diplomacy and economic corridors, a step which would result ensure regional stability. For this purpose the revival of Silk Road was vital, he believed.

 Representative of Afghan delegation Ahmad Bilal Khalili termed the youth huddle of SCO member states vital and said youth interaction at SCO platform was at slow pace compared to other organisations.

First meet of SCO youth camp was held in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang states of China in 2016.

The Ten-member Afghan delegation in the second annual youth huddle was represented by National Security Advisor Baktash Kargar .


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