Dr. Abdullah says nation-building was Afghan people, government’s responsibility


KABUL:  Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah addressing the Halifax International Security Forum, said despite support to terrorists, Afghan security forces could defeat them in ongoing combat season.

The forum which was attended by a number of key world figures and security experts, Dr. Abdullah called new US strategy beneficial to the security and stability in the region.

He went on saying that further pressure on Taliban and demolishing their hideouts would led to their defeat and would force them to join peace process.

Answering the question on US role in nation-building in Afghanistan, the Chief Executive said nation-building was Afghan people and government’s responsibility.

Hinting to reformation process, Dr. Abdullah said government was committed to bring necessary reforms in line with international community and US support. He said reformation was being followed in civil and military affairs.

Pointing to long-decade of war in Afghanistan and US and international community’s involvement, Dr. Abdullah said more attention were initially paid to Iraq, otherwise the issue of Taliban and Al-Qaeda could be finish at that time.

“Pakistan’s double game and support to Taliban led to the group’s resurgence. Withdrawal of the forces in 2014 by the former US administration was also led to increasing violence in the country,” Dr. Abdullah said.

Abdullah, who visited Halifax this weekend for the annual Halifax International Security Forum, said the Afghan government believes a settlement likely depends on bringing the Taliban into negotiations.

“The door is open for peace talks. The national unity government … has shown its willingness to try to convince them to come to the table,” he added, saying there was no barrier before Taliban to join political process in Afghanistan.

Answering a question on women’s condition before and after 2001, Dr. Abdullah said women didn’t have active role during Taliban period, but now they have been given enough opportunities in different walks of life.

Concluding his speech, the Chief Executive said government was committed to hold a transparent elections, saying the experiences of 2014 elections would not allow frauds to happen again.


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