Here are 5 things about the new Galaxy S9

Source: Samsung. Galaxy 9S

The Apple Samsung sage continues as the South Korean company launched the Galaxy S9 phone at the World Mobile Congress on Sunday. Tech industry insiders say this smartphone will counter Apple’s iPhone X. Here are five things about Galaxy S9:

  1. Samsung released two versions of its latest device. The Galaxy S9 is 5.9 inches and the S9+ is 6.2 inches. The phones will be available in purple, black, blue, and silver.

2. What sets this phone apart is the camera. It has a dual lens 12-megapixel front camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera that can take high quality photos in dark lighting. The camera can also record slow motion video.

3.  Since the camera has mimic facial expression abilities, the phones comes with AR Emoji. It is like Apple’s Animoji feature, and allows users to take a selfie to make their own custom emoji.

4. Samsung also improved its digital assistant Bixby to now be able to live translate a piece on text. The new feature allows user to wave the phone’s camera in front on the text and have translation in real time, similar to Google translate.

5. A short while ago, Samsung phones exploded because its batteries would heat up. To avoid similar issues, Apple was caught slowing down its older phones. (There were multiple lawsuits filed against Apple in EU and U.S. because users aware of what was happening). Well, just like Apple’s latest phone, Samsung’s Galaxy 9 phones have wireless charging.


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