Kabul hosts national volleyball tournament


At least 16 volleyball teams from nine provinces have participated in a national volleyball tournament in Kabul. 

The tournament started with a match between Amniyat-e-Milli and Afghan-e-Milli teams on Thursday. The teams will compete for 10 days in the seventh national tournament of volleyball in Kabul.

“The aim of the competition is to select best players for the national and the A teams,” said Khoshhal Malikzani, secretary general of National Volleyball Federation.

“This tournament was started in a zonal level last month and now the best teams are competing for the championship. The level of this year’s competition is high, and the teams are strong,” said Jamalnaser Nawabi, an athlete.

“Best athletes are selected for the national team in this tournament,” said Qazenullah Haqyar, an athlete.

The women’s volleyball tournament will start after this competition, officials from the volleyball federation said.



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