Pashtoons Protection Movement plans anti-government protest in Baluchistan


Photo Courtesy: Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen Facebook page

The man who marched thousands of Pashtoons in Islamabad, awaken millions of Pakhtoons across Pakistan and the world, has announced that he will organize a protest in the Quetta City of Baluchistan. Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen, the head of the Pashtoon Protection Movement (PPM) has said that in order to put an end to arbitrary killings, disappearance, and the repressive policies of the Pakistani state, they will not remain quiet anymore. He furthered, that the current wave of so-called ‘war on terror’ and operations in Pashtoon lands are in fact a war on Pashtoons. It has brought miseries, poverty, and instability to Pashtoon belt. He said the protest will be held in Quetta on March 3, 2018, where people will discuss why Pashtoons across Pakistan have been subjected to violence?

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen successfully organized Pashtoon Long March in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Since then, Pashtoons across Pakistan have been protesting and asking Pakistani state to put an end to their operations against Pashtoons. The latest waves of these protests were held in Bajaur and Swat where people chanted slogans for freedom against Pakistani state policies especially against strict examination at security check posts.



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