Afghan govt to host 2nd ‘Kabul Process Meeting’ tomorrow

The First Kabul Process Meeting held at the Presidential Palace. Photo by Arg.

The second meeting of ‘Kabul Process’ to be held tomorrow in Kabul with the participation of the representatives of 25 countries and three international organizations.

The meeting is expected to discuss Afghanistan’s peace plan and the US-Afghan counter-terrorism efforts.

Kabul Process meeting is being managed with the initiative and leadership of the Afghan government, something that differs this process from its preceding processes. Its first meeting was held eight months ago with the participation of the representatives of 23 countries and several international organizations.

The meeting comes as the U.S. and the Afghan government boycotted the peace talks with the Taliban after recent deadly attacks in Kabul. 

The recent letter of Taliban to the Americans also shows that this group do not have any plan to join the peace talks with the Afghan government and they insist on the negotiations with the US, while the US and NATO have no scheme on negotiations with the Taliban. concerns on the continuation of the Afghan war and further complication of the Afghan issue is augmenting.

Following the attacks, the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly spoken of vengeance. On the other hand, the airstrikes of the Afghan and foreign forces against the Taliban has also escalated.

Afghans believe Pakistan which is being accused of harboring militant groups, plays key role in Afghan peace process, saying Pakistan is seeking to gain China and Russia’s support, after having tense relations with the U.S.

Meanwhile President Ghani on Monday said the Afghan government will propose an inclusive proposal to Pakistan and the Taliban during the Kabul Process meeting. 

“At the Kabul Process meeting, I will recommend a comprehensive plan to the Taliban and Pakistan, but we are no longer a hostage, we have good intention for peace but it does not mean weakness,” said President Ghani. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has said all necessary arrangements are in place to convene the meeting.

“It is expected that the meeting will focus on two topics mainly relating to the modality of the peace process and the fight against terrorism,” said MoFA spokesman Shekib Mustaghni during a press conference in Kabul.



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