‘Fiber-Optic line will run alongside TAPI’


Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) on Sunday said that a fiber optic cable line streaming an internet connection from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and onward to India is expected to be implemented alongside Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline (TAPI). 

The fiber optic project is aimed at ensuring better management of the TAPI gas pipeline project and will run alongside TAPI, said the ministry. 

According to Afghan officials, the implementation of the project will also help to provide internet services to the people living alongside the project. 

The 700 km long internet cable will pass through five provinces in Afghanistan and funding will be carried out from the money allocated for TAPI.  

MCIT said that the project will be connected to Afghanistan’s main fiber-optic network. 

“The fiber-optic project will be used as a backup for our current fiber optic network. Secondly it will be available for our people to use while we can also use the transit money and natural gas,” said Khanzaman Amarkhail senior adviser to the IT ministry. 

Meanwhile economic experts have urged the Afghan government to develop more inclusive programs to further enhance such projects as TAPI and fiber optic projects. 

“Fiber-optics are utilized in many countries. But this completes small parts of the needs of people in Afghanistan. There is the need for more precise and comprehensive planning to address the basic needs of our people,” economic analyst Mohammad Ali Mashal said .

Based on statistics by the ministry of IT, currently, fiber optic network which involves the main source of technology and telecommunication services in Afghanistan is available in 25 provinces. 

MCIT said that within the next five years in line with the implementation of Afghanistan – Digital Central Asia South Asia (CASA) Project, which is funded by the World Bank, the fiber-optic network will be activated in all provinces of the country. 



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