ISIS kills dozens during Nawroz celebrations in Kabul

The attack happened as many Afghans are marking the Nowruz holiday, a celebration of the start of spring [Reuters]

A suicide bomber detonated himself among a cheering crowd that was welcoming the new year here in Kabul killing at least 30 civilians and injuring more than 50. The casualty number is expected to rise. Daesh claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack.

According to the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan, the suicide bomber blew himself up among civilians who were welcoming a new year day known as ‘Nawroz’. The suicide bomber had used drums to hid his explosives, according to media reports. He attracted a crowd around him by playing music for the Nawroz festivities before blowing himself up and killing dozens around him.

The terrorist attack occurred near Kabul University. Daesh targeted the Shiite community once again. Today’s terrorist attack was the thirteenth Daesh attack on the minority Shitte Hazara community since the summer of 2016.

Although many Afghans are hopeful for the prospect of peace in the country, the latest bombing of Daesh in Kabul indicates another tough year ahead.



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