Sayed Ishaq Gailani is accused of treason

Sayed Ishaq Gailani head of Afghanistan National Solidarity Movement

During a speech at the “Afghanistan Crisis- What lies ahead?” conference about the Afghan conflict in Pakistan, Sayed Ishaq Gailani accused some Afghan government officials of colluding with the Indian government. Allegedly, according to Gailani who is the leader of Afghanistan National Solidarity Movement, some Afghan officials are allowing the Indian government to use Afghan soil against Pakistan.

His remarks on March 19th in the capital of Pakistan has angered many Afghans across Afghanistan. Civil society activists and analysts believe that if Gailani has proof of his allegations, then he should present it before the media. If he fails to show proof of the collusion he spoke of in his speech, then Gailani could be seen as an enemy of Afghanistan.

According to Najib Akhtarzai a civil society activist, “Afghanistan’s efforts to regionally isolate Pakistan both politically and economically have put Pakistan on alert. On the other side the expansion of India’s soft power in Afghanistan is seen as a threat by Pakistan thus, through their long-standing friends like Gailan, Pakistan speaks and it weakens Afghanistan’s stance.”

On the other hand, security analyst Ahmad Javed Turab indicates that “Afghanistan National interest should be a red line for every Afghan. Anyone breaching this redline should be punished.”

The Afghan government has termed these remarks against Afghanistan national interest.

If Gailani fails to present proof of the accusations he made during his speech, he could be taken to court, people familiar with the matter said to The Afghan Herald.

Gailani also said in his speech in Islamabad that,“The current war against foreign troops by the Taliban is a legitimate war. It is equal to the war we fought against Russians.”



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