President Ghani opens ‘1397 School Year’

Photo Courtesy: Arg

KABUL: Inaugurating the ‘New School Year’ at Amani High School in Kabul, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has termed the new solar year as education year, stressing the need for paying more attention to the development of the sector.

Ringing the bell to officially open the new school year of 1397 H.S,  President Ghani said the education system had improved in recent years and the number of professionally trained teachers and students had also risen.

The president acknowledged 50 percent of schools in the country had no buildings, half of teachers did not meet modern standards, 3.5 million eligible children were out of school and around 1,000 schools had been closed across the country.

The president directed the authorities concerned to provide all possible support for promoting education and keep it among the top priorities. He said a budget of over $200 million had been allocated for the construction of 6,000 schools. He directed the authorities to acquire land for schools which had been deprived of property.

The president added the Education Ministry had been able to get 6,51.5 acres of land from people for schools in the past two year, calling on people to discharge their religious duty by donating land for schools,just like they had donated 160,000 acres of land for Masjids.

The president said he had decided to conduct the teachers’ recruitment process through the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC).

President Ghani also directed the Ministry of Communications to connect schools in the provincial capital through the internet facility.



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