Taliban blow up pylon transmitting Uzbek electricity to Kabul

Photo by Breshna Sherkat

Kabul: Taliban insurgents have blown up a power pylon supplying electricity from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan in northern Baghlan province, the power utility [Breshna Sherkat] said on Monday.

In Kabul, De Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS) said the militants destroyed the pylon with a bomb 22 kilometer from a sub-station in the Baghlan capital at around 2am.

The statement said a technical team had arrived in the area to repair the pylon. The problem would be fixed in a few hours, DABS promised.

Two days back, the Taliban had warned of snapping transmission lines to Kabul in Baghlan if work on distribution of electricity was not launched in certain areas of the province.

In a statement, the insurgents said some areas of Baghlan were still deprived of the facility in breach of the commitments held out by the government.

The Taliban destroyed an electricity pylon in Dand-e-Shababuddin last year, cutting off the imported electricity supply to Kabul for 40 days.



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