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Badakhshan: Women carpet weavers face challenges

Women carpet weavers in Afghanistan are facing challenges in Badakhshan for a suitable market for selling and the lack of a specific place for carpet weaving, a local media reported yesterday.

“We don’t have a good place for washing carpets and when they are transferred to Kunduz province it costs us a lot,” said Nadia, a carpet weaver, as qouted by Tolo News.

Nearly fifty women and girls weave carpets in the city of Faizabad and these women said that the lack of a carpet processing center has made their work difficult, reported the media.

“We face challenges and we lack some materials,” said Fawzia, a carpet weaver.

“We don’t have a carpet processing market and don’t have a specific place to work there,” said Farzana, a carpet weaver.

Officials of the carpet weaver’s union in Badakhshan said that currently, four thousand women are busy with carpet weaving in this province, as per Tolo News report.

“Four thousand women are busy with carpet weaving, they work with us for two years and after that, they graduate and we give them a certificate,” said Abdul Ali, the head of the carpet weavers union in Badakhshan.

“When women report their products to us, we are ready and have a plan for them,” said Samruldden Rahmani, head of the industrial park in Badakhshan.

According to industry and commerce department, which is being managed by Taliban, in Badakhshan, currently, 10 carpet weaving workshops are active in Badakhshan.

The Taliban have imposed many restrictions on Afghan women after coming to power.

Taliban banned women from attending university last December, nine months after the Islamist group barred girls from returning to secondary schools amid a brutal crackdown on women’s rights since it seized power in 2021.

Grades 7-12 have been closed for girls and young women for more than 530 days. Taliban also announced a ban on female NGO workers – prompting multiple major foreign aid groups to suspend their operations in the country.

The Taliban’s return to power preceded a deepening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, worsening issues that had long plagued the country.

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