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Recent Herat Earthquakes Imperil Historic Landmarks”

The Herat Provincial Information and Culture Department has reported significant damage to the cultural heritage of Herat, notably the Qala-e-Iktyaruddin, caused by recent earthquakes, as evidenced by the images released.

Under the Taliban administration, national television confirmed this news on Tuesday, emphasizing that the recent earthquakes, particularly the one on Sunday, have inflicted damage on several buildings, structures, and historic mosques within Herat, placing them in imminent danger of destruction.

Qala-e-Ikhtyaruddin holds a central position in the city’s turbulent history and serves as a remarkable testament to the enduring citadels (Hisar) of the region. This historic fortress has witnessed pivotal events, including the siege of Herat by Alexander the Great in 330 BC as part of his campaign against the Achaemenid Persian Empire.

Local media outlets have also disseminated images depicting the damage inflicted by the earthquakes on the historic Jama Mosque of Herat.

This unfortunate situation has arisen due to a series of consecutive earthquakes in Herat, which led to the collapse of a portion of the intricate tilework at the Jama Mosque of Herat.

Both the Jama Mosque of Herat and Qala-e-Iktyaruddin (Fort) are of profound archaeological significance in Afghanistan.

On October 7th, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 rattled Herat, followed closely by another earthquake on October 11th, again measuring a substantial magnitude of 6.3. Regrettably, the casualty count resulting from these earthquakes has exceeded 2,000 individuals.

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