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Pakistan continue arresting Afghan refugees

The Taliban has urged neighboring Pakistan to stop arresting Afghan refugees , stressing the matter could “adversely” impact bilateral relations between the two countries.

In a series of tweets, the Taliban controlled Afghan embassy in Pakistan said that the arrest of refugees in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and nearby areas continues.

According to the embassy, around 250 Afghanistan nationals – with Proof of Registration Card (PoR), Afghanistan ID cards, and passports holders – have been detained by Pakistan’s counter-terrorism department and other agencies in the last few days.

“Embassy [of the Taliban] is actively working towards clarifying the legal status of the detained Afghans and expediting their release,” the embassy tweeted.

“The Government of I.R of Pakistan is urged to cease the arrest of Afghan refugees and officially address its concerns, as it can adversely impact bilateral relations between the two nations,” the embassy added.

The development comes as Pakistan police arrested hundreds of refugees in Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities.

Following the collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban, hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens fled to Pakistan.

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