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Taliban says ‘Afghani’ far stable than regional countries’ currencies

Taliban’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said that the Afghani currency has been stable compared to other countries in the region.

Speaking to an event at the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, Muttaqi said that the value of currencies from the regional countries have dropped against US dollar, but the Afghani has remained stable.

“This is an honor for us that we are today on the row the countries equally and that our currency is the first currency at an international level which has a value increasing and not decreasing,” he said, without clearly mentioning Pakistani rupees and Iranian Rial eye-catching decline against US Dollar.

This comes as Taliban-ran Da Afghanistan Bank said that the implementation of a proper monetary system and the prevention of trafficking of dollars abroad are the main reason for the stable price of the Afghani.

“The start of national and international projects in the country, prevention of smuggling of foreign currency and increase of exports have been effective in the stability of the Afghan currency,” said Hassibullah Noori, a spokesman for the Central Bank, as qoated by a local media channel, Tolonews, the other day.

Earlier, the Central Bank said the Afghan currency has been placed among nine currencies whose value has remained stable over the last year.  

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