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Taliban says Afghans in Sudan evacuated to Saudi Arabia

Taliban on Thursday said that Afghan citizens in Sudan have been evacuated to Saudi Arabia. The group’s foreign ministry said in a statement that with the cooperation of Saudi Arabian authorities, “we were able to evacuate the first group of Afghans trapped in Sudan.”

According to the statement the Afghans were taken to Jeddah and will soon return to Afghanistan.

“The Islamic Emirate is deeply grateful to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its assistance in this regard,” read the statement from Taliban’s ministry of foreign affairs.

“We assure our compatriots that our efforts are ongoing for the safe evacuation of other trapped Afghans in Sudan and we are using all the possibilities [available] in this regard,” the ministry said.

This comes after the Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said on Sunday that at least 120 Afghan citizens were trapped in the Sudan war.

Speaking on Sunday at a gathering in Khost province, Muttaqi said he was working on how to protect the Afghans trapped in Sudan. However, he did not elaborate further.

As the conflict between the two rival factions of the Sudanese armed forces escalated in Khartoum last week, many countries scrambled to evacuate their diplomatic staff and citizens.

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