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Women’s Rights Advocates Freed Shortly After Being Held by the Taliban

At least eight women’s rights activists, who were apprehended by the Taliban from a residence north of Kabul, have been released, as reported by the Afghanistan Women’s Unity and Solidarity Movement in a statement issued on Monday.

These women were affiliated with the Afghanistan Women’s Unity and Solidarity Movement, a group dedicated to advocating for women’s and girls’ rights in Afghanistan, even under Taliban rule.

According to a statement from the movement, the activists regained their freedom following a joint appeal from concerned citizens and the general public.

Sources indicate that the released women have pledged not to participate in any future protests.

The women were taken into custody by a group of Taliban members from a residence situated in the Khairkhana area, north of Kabul.

While detailed information about the identities of the detained women remains undisclosed, names such as Hajar, Khatol, Lima, Tuba Atayee, Farida Muhib, Hasina Sarwari, and two family members of Hasina Sarwari have surfaced.

These activists, known for their advocacy of women’s rights, had gathered for a planned protest within the locality.

“The women had assembled for an organized event, but due to the presence of the Taliban, they found themselves effectively trapped in the area and unable to disperse,” revealed a source familiar with the situation.

A video circulating on social media captured the moment when a group of Taliban members entered the premises, attempting to detain the women involved.

In the preceding week, a coalition of women activists had launched a week-long campaign against the Taliban’s imposed restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan. Their initiative passionately called for the removal of all constraints limiting women’s rights and freedoms in society.

Over the past two years, the Taliban has frequently disrupted gatherings of this nature, especially those expressing dissent against its policies.

As of now, the Taliban has not issued any comment regarding the arrest of these activists.

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