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Amnesty urges Taliban to release educationist Matiullah Wesa

Amnesty International has called on Afghanistan’s de facto authorities to release unconditionally Matiullah Wesa, an Afghan educationalist and the founder of ‘Pen Path’, a supporter of girl’s education.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International tweeted on its official account that the Taliban authorities arbitrarily arrested education rights activist Matiiullah Wesa three months ago.

“Today marks three months since education rights activist @matiullahwesa was arbitrarily arrested by the Taliban de-facto authorities. His continued detention is a clear violation of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly under international human rights law. The Taliban de-facto authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Matiullah Wesa,” the tweet said.

The education rights activist was arrested on March 27 by the Taliban Intelligence Unit when he was on his way back home from the mosque located in Khushhaal Khan, the fifth provincial district in Kabul city, according to Khaama Press.

Wesa’s family said that his health conditions are worrying and they have not been able to contact him since the arrest.

Amnesty International, earlier in May, asked the Taliban authorities to release Matiullah Wesa and some other human rights activists. However, nothing has been done in that regard so far, as per Khaama Press.

There are several other activists detained by Taliban authorities. Rasul Parsi, a university lecturer, Hamza Ulfat and Shams ur Rahman Raheeq, Civil Society Activists, Murtaza Behbudi Afghan-French photojournalist, Haseeb Ehrari poet and writer, and tens of other activists were detained.

Although some international organizations like the United Nations have demanded the release of these activists, the Taliban administration has kept them imprisoned for months, according to Khaama Press.

This comes as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has expressed concerns about the violation of human rights and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan in its May report.

The report mentioned that the Taliban authorities silence the voices of their opponent through arbitrary detentions, death threats and harassment, reported Khaama Press.

Earlier in March, Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai called on the Taliban to release education activist Matiiullah Wesa, Afghanistan-based Khaama Press reported.

He tweeted, “I am disappointed about the arrest of education activist Matiullah Wesa by the Taliban,” Karzai said, adding, “Wesa and Pen Path have conducted appreciable activities for education in various parts of Afghanistan since 2009.

Afghan Herald/Agencies

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