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Baradar says ‘foreigners’ encourage people to leave Afghanistan

Taliban’s deputy chief minister Abdul Ghani Baradar in an address on Eid on Wednesday said that “foreigners are spreading rumors about the country’s economic problems while encouraging people to leave Afghanistan.

“The economic problems are the result of the occupation of the last 20 years and the continuous drought in the country,” he said. According to him, the Taliban are trying to increase the economic resources available in the country.

Baradar said that they are making efforts to address the economic hardships in the country.

Taliban’s acting chief minister in Kabul, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, echoed Baradar’s remarks, saying that they are committed to development in the country and strengthening security in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Taliban released an audio saying its leader Hibatullah Akhundzada addressed the people at the Eid al-Adha prayer in Kandahar. In this audio, Akhundzada says that there is no obstacle standing in the way of implementing “Islamic orders,” and that they are not under the pressure of any power to “compromise on Islam.”

This comes as a large number of people have left the country due to security and economic problems since August 2021 when the former government fell to the Taliban.

The international community and aid agencies, including the United Nations, have often expressed their concern over the economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

This comes as unemployment has increased since August 2021 and the country is grappling with an economic crisis. UN’s World Food Program said in a statement on Wednesday that 28.8 million people – two-thirds of Afghanistan’s population – require multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance in 2023.

Afghan Herald/Agencies

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