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China Stresses ‘Three Respects’ and ‘Three Nevers’ in its Afghan Policy

Kabul— China has laid out its stance on the Afghan issue, emphasizing the “Three Respects” and “Three Nevers” principle in its foreign policy, according to a detailed policy report issued by the Chinese embassy in Afghanistan.

Under the current situation, China has affirmed its respect for the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independent choices of Afghanistan. It is also committed to supporting moderate and prudent governance, peace, and reconstruction in Afghanistan.

The position paper also states that China is willing to help Afghanistan with its reconstruction and development, as well as promote steady progress in economic, trade, and investment cooperation, and actively carry out cooperation in various fields such as medical care, poverty alleviation, agriculture, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

It furthers that China also expressed its support for Afghanistan’s fight against terrorism, separatism, and extremism, as well as for greater bilateral and multilateral counter-terrorism cooperation.

The country also urged the US to lift its sanctions and return the Afghan overseas assets while opposing external interference and infiltration in Afghanistan.

China also reiterated its commitment to strengthening international and regional coordination on the Afghan issue and facilitating a solution to Afghanistan’s humanitarian and refugee issues.

The Chinese position about Afghanistan comes at a time when the former citizens have been a target of the ISKP.

Source: Afghan Herald

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