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Taliban increase University lecturers’ salaries

Taliban controlled Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan announced salary increments for university lectures and professors.

A statement from the Ministry said on Twitter that a professor’s salary would be 60,000 AFN, an associate professor would be 45,000 AFN, an assistant professor would be 38,000 AFN, a senior lecturer would be 30,000 AFN, a junior lecturer would be 25,000 AFN, and a candidate lecturer would be 20,000 AFN.

The statement also mentioned that the salary increment is applicable from the first month of the Solar year of 1402, which is equal to March 21, 2023. 

Earlier, a professor’s salary was 39,000 AFN, an associate professor was 33,000 AFN, an assistant professor was 27,000 AFN, a senior lecturer was 21,000 AFN, a junior lecturer was 18,000 AFN, and a candidate lecturer was 13,500 AFN in a month.

Since the Taliban takeover of the country in August 2021, several university lecturers and professors fled the country due to several factors.

BBC reported that some Afghan professors said they fled the country due to ideological and safety issues, drastic salary cuts, and loss of government benefits like housing schemes and pensions.

On the other hand, most private universities were closed due to financial issues, mainly due to the ban on women students from the university.

According to reports, the Taliban banned more than 70,000 female students, and they are out of private universities in the country.

The ban on female students from higher education was announced last year in December, which has been considered a massive loss for the economic and cultural development of the country.

Despite massive criticism by several regional and international organizations, the Taliban’s suppressive policies against women’s education and work continue for the third consecutive year in the country.

Afghan Herald/Agencies

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