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Iran calls for monthly water level assessment of Helmand River 

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanani said at a press conference the water level in Helmand River needs to be assessed every month in relation to Iran getting its quota of water. 

Kanani said that Tehran’s technical delegation is seriously looking into this issue. 

“Continuing to send regular monthly information and periodical visits, water measurement information and indicators, timely visits to this station and accurate determination of the amount of water in the days of water scarcity and drought, the amount of Iran’s demand from the Helmand River should be measured correctly and fairly,” Kanani said. 

“We consider the visit of the technical delegation of Iran as committed to the treaty of the 1351 solar year regarding the Helmand River issue,” he added.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan meanwhile has not commented on Kanani’s comments, but the acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said recently that Tehran’s water issue has been resolved.

Last month, IEA allowed the Iranian technical delegation to assess water levels in the Helmand River.

After visiting the water level indicator at Deh Rawud in Afghanistan, the Tehran delegation acknowledged that the river level was a lot lower than in the past.

Afghan Herald/Agencies

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