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Embraced by Kindness: Finding Home and Hope in Roge

“The village where kindness knows no boundaries, and where the spirit of community prevails.”

In the midst of uncertainty and upheaval, there are places that restore faith in humanity and redefine the meaning of community. Roge, a serene village nestled in Germany’s northern Sierksdorf embrace, is such a place. It is where our journey led us after the fall of the Afghan government and the ensuing takeover by the Taliban in 2021. Little did we know that this tranquil haven would not only offer us refuge but also envelop us in a warm embrace of kindness and compassion.

Our story began in Roge just over a year ago, when we arrived on April 28, 2022, as part of German evacuation program, weary and apprehensive, from thousands of miles away. The village greeted us with open arms, embodying the spirit of generosity that transcends borders and cultures. The neighbors, kind-hearted and genuine, welcomed us on the first day with a traditional soup that not only nourished our bodies but also touched our hearts. In that simple act of sharing a meal, they demonstrated the power of unity and the beauty of extending a helping hand to those in need.

Their generosity didn’t stop at that first meal. Time and again, our neighbors extended their support, displaying a remarkable willingness to aid us on our journey of integration into this new life. With their guidance, we found our way through the unfamiliar streets, navigating the complexities of daily life in a foreign land. Their assistance went beyond just the practical; they also offered their friendship, easing the loneliness that comes with being far from home and family.

The community spared no efforts to ease our integration, starting from facilitating transports to finding place for our kids in the kindergarten, which has been more complicated upon Afghan and Ukrainian refugees’ influx into Germany.

In a land where everything was unfamiliar, they ensured that our kids had a place where they could learn, grow, and interact with other children. Their selflessness didn’t just stop there—they encouraged their own children to play with ours, bridging cultural gaps and ensuring that our kids felt the warmth of companionship even in the absence of familiar faces.

Roge, with its lush green landscapes and idyllic charm, is not just a geographical location; it has become our home—a place where we have found solace, friendship, and a sense of belonging. The community’s inclusivity is evident in the parties and events to which we are enthusiastically invited. These gatherings are not just about celebrations; they are about weaving threads of unity that bind us together as one big family. Whether it’s a festival, birthday, or a simple get-together, we are always greeted with smiles, hearty conversations, and a genuine interest in understanding our background.

The compassion displayed by our neighbors has taught us that the power of humanity knows no boundaries. The world might be divided by maps, cultures, and languages, but the language of love and care transcends them all. Our neighbors’ actions have shown us that empathy is a universal trait, capable of creating bonds that endure beyond time and space.

As we reflect on our journey so far, we are filled with gratitude for the extraordinary acts of kindness that have shaped our lives in Roge. Our hearts swell with thankfulness for each helping hand extended, each smile shared, and each moment of understanding offered.

The generosity of our neighbors has not only alleviated the challenges of adapting to a new life but has also proven that home is not defined by a location, but by the love and acceptance we find within a community.

We often find ourselves marveling at the tapestry of lives that have woven together in this quaint village. Our children, once strangers in a foreign land, now run through the streets with laughter, their playmates mirroring the unity that defines this place. And as we witness these moments of harmony, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by a sense of belonging that transcends nationality and ethnicity.

In a world often plagued by divisions and conflicts, Roge stands as a testament to the potential for harmony and coexistence. It is a beacon of hope for all those who have been displaced, reminding us that even in the darkest times, there are places where kindness reigns and compassion knows no bounds.

In a heartwarming celebration of gratitude and cultural diversity, we have organized an Afghan Food event in Roge together with two other Afghan families living nearby. The event not only showcased the rich culinary heritage of Afghanistan but also served as a platform to thank the local community for their generous assistance during a challenging time of migration. The event proved to be a delightful intersection of flavors, fostering a deep appreciation for cultural exchange and unity.

The Afghan Food event was a sensory delight, featuring a tantalizing array of dishes that spanned the breadth of Afghan cuisine. From aromatic rice dishes like Kabuli Pulao and Challow to flavorful meat preparations such as Mantu and Kebabs, each dish had a story to tell. Roge’s friends were treated to a captivating gastronomic journey that immersed them in the vibrant tapestry of Afghan flavors.

Beyond the food itself, the event was a celebration of cultural diversity. The event offered a window into Afghan traditions, creating a harmonious blend of cultures. Roge’s friends enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to learn about Afghanistan’s heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of the country and its people. The exchange of stories and experiences further solidified the bond between the Afghan migrants and their German hosts.

As we express our gratitude for the love and care showered upon us, we recognize that our journey is far from over. The bonds we have formed in Roge are not just fleeting connections—they are the building blocks of a new chapter in our lives. And with each passing day, we are reminded that we are not just refugees seeking shelter; we are members of a community that exemplifies the best of humanity—a community that has embraced us as its own.

To our dear neighbors in Roge, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Their acts of kindness have transformed our lives, and they have etched their place in our hearts forever. They have shown us that home is not defined by walls, but by the love that surrounds us. In their warmth, we have found solace, in their friendship, we have found family, and in their village, we have found a haven of acceptance.

As we look ahead, we do so with a renewed sense of hope and a commitment to continue building bridges of understanding and unity. Just as they have embraced us, we hope to contribute to the tapestry of Roge with the threads of our own stories and experiences. With their love as our guide, we are confident that this village will always be a place where kindness knows no boundaries, and where the spirit of community prevails.

A. Hamid, Journalist in Exile

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