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Japan donates $21m in aid for essential vaccines to Afghanistan

UNICEF and Japanese Embassy in Kabul separately tweeted on Monday that Japan has donated around $21 million to aid Afghanistan in addressing the humanitarian crisis by supplying necessary vaccines to women and children.

As a result of Japan’s humanitarian contribution, UNICEF has pledged to provide clean water to 30,000 individuals across four provinces in Afghanistan, as well as vaccinations for 18.3 million mothers and children.

The Japanese government has generously donated a substantial amount to UNICEF, with $18 million allotted for vital vaccinations intended for more than 18 million mothers and children. Additionally, $3.6 million has been allocated for water and sanitation provisions in public schools.

The available vaccines include immunizations for measles, rotavirus, tetanus and diphtheria, polio, and hepatitis B, among others.

UNICEF is expected to administer oral polio vaccinations to approximately 10 million children as part of the 2023 national vaccination drives.

Within just 10 months of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, a variety of limitations have been imposed on Afghan women, resulting in a gloomy outlook for their future.

The UN mission in Afghanistan has expressed apprehension over this announcement, citing that the decision contradicts several pledges made about respecting and safeguarding the human rights of all Afghans, particularly women and girls.

Source: Afghan Herald/Agencies

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