Moscow conference-continue intra-Afghan dialogue to end Afghan conflict

Moscow conference: From right, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Sher Mohammad Abas Stanikzai, Ismail Khan along with other Afghan politicians

MOSCOW— The Two days Moscow conference ended on Wednesday declaring that all parties will work to put an end to the protracted Afghan conflict.

The declaration stated that all parties believe that only through intra-Afghan dialogue Afghanistan can witness a dignified and sustainable peace.

The declaration also stated that such meetings are vital to building trust and will continue to hold another such conference in Doha, Qatar at earliest.

The conference parties also expressed full support for the Qatar peace talks which is going between the Taliban and the United States. Other major points that were agreed in the declaration are: 

1- Withdrawl of foreign troops

2- An inclusive, just and a strong central Afghan government in line with Islamic principles

3- Amending some articles of the Afghan constitution

4- Working on mechanisms to release the aged, and ill prisoners. Also, the release of those prisoners that are near to finish their punishment

5- Removing Taliban members names from the UN blacklist

6- Safeguarding and reforming Afghan government institutions including Afghanistan defense institutions

7- Not allowing the Afghan soil to be used against any country

8- Attracting foreign investment for the reconstruction of Afghanistan

Moscow: Former Finance minister and President Ashraf Ghani special envoy and ambassador to Pakistan Dr. Omar Zakhilwal reads the conference declaration.

Other points included that all affairs of the government will run according to the jurisdiction of Islam, not allowing foreign countries to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, and safeguarding women rights in the areas of education, work, health and other areas in line with Islamic laws.


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